Blog post # 10 What Do You Hate?

What I hate is traffic. Traffic is a pain in the back whenever I need to get to a place fast or on time. It only seem like there is traffic on days that I have something plan, on any other days the traffic is not as bad. Life is short so slow down and enjoy it, but if what you want to enjoy is 30 minutes away and you are stuck in traffic for an hour in the heat or cold what is there to enjoy? I don’t usually mind the traffic but if there is a place I need to get to at a certain time and I woke up extra early or get ready and on the road an hour early, I don’t want to get stuck in traffic and be late for it. Most of the time if not all traffic are caused by people. Last week I was in traffic for 20 minutes and when I reach the end of the traffic what I saw was a car getting pulled over by an officer; I get that people are supposed to slow down or change lane to give the officer some working space but why stop to watch and causing a huge traffic on a four lane high way. Some time it is the opposite, the speed limit would be 65mph and just because a police car is following behind a car, that car would go 45mph on the far left lane and cause the traffic for not going the right speed limit. If you go 65mph on a 65mph road the police can not pull you over for speeding. Sometime it is just one person on their cell phone texting someone, and because that person is texting they fell like they have the right to slow down and text in order to not cause an accident. IT IS A PHONE CALL THEM or pull over and then text or just have someone else to drive who is not on the phone. So I guess what I hate is not traffic but the people who caused the traffic when it is not necessary for the traffic. There are few things that I dislike and many that I like but one thing I hate is traffic caused by those people who have a bad day and want to ruin another person’s day.


Blog post # 9

The history book we find at our local school or library cover most of the major events in the history of America, but what it does not cover is all the smaller events that add up one after another to cause an even greater change in history itself. In Praying for Sheetrock, Melissa Fey Greene capture a part of history that most of us did not know existed. The way she fuse together bits and parts of everyone in McIntosh County’s life experience to form a series of images of how life was like for the people during that time is unique. She not only tell us the history of the people but the people’s reactions as well and how they came together to over come the challenges. Things that we can not find in our history books such as an officer running the drug trade or gambling are all in Greene’s book. Sometime it is not the major events that is importance but all the other smaller events that add up to create the major events.

Questions for Praying For SheetRock

Section 1
1) In chapter 4 if the GBI and FBI agent know about the razzel dazzel game and S&S truck stop why did they not shut it down right then and there?
2) Chapter 5 why is the sheriff so interested in the life of the blacks so much, when he is already at the top of the game in the county of McIntosh.

Section 2
1) Chapter 7 after Ed was shot in the face and dragged to jail the police press a number of charges against him; how come they dont sue the officer for assault on private property?
2) The part where one of the Lawyer was describing the scenes of the car broken down on the road and 2 white men helping them out; they say something like ” This is how White and Black cooperation should be” are they considering themselves black?

Section 3
1) When Thurnell became commissioner he came into the meeting and was feeling a little angry the way that he talked to the people was not like how he was, how had Thurnell change.
2) If Thurnell was involved in drugs could he be involved in other crimes as well?

Blog # 8

Thurnell Alston play an important role in the book and in McIntosh county. In chapter 3 Melissa Fay Greene went into detail about Thurnell and his early age, the way she described him was like a ticking time bomb. At an early age he knew that there were racism and discrimination in the area he lives in and that he could not do anything until he get older. He also heard the sheriff talking to another officer that the only way to control the Black is to keep them hungry, all this add up to the point where Thurnell finally let out everything and rebel. The part where I would say that Thurnell started to rebel against the White people has to be when he was working for Babcock & Wilcox. Standing at the water fountain realizing that the water was worm and not cold like the White fountain and that all the other people of colors are just taking the discrimination and not standing up for themselves. Thurnell’s personality the way Greene had describe it would be calm and observant. His character trait is one of a leader which he is, he along with two other friends rally up the majority of the Blacks and rebel against the White people.

Essay 3

I feel like this paper was not as good as it can be. When I went back to read it after I had submitted to I realized that there were many things I should have change to make the essay better. What I should check before I turn it in was the organization of the paper itself. I read it and it did not make sense to me although I was the one who wrote it. The organization of the main points in the paper is important because if it is not well organize the reader will not understand the message you are trying to give them. While I was writing this essay I notice that my original topic was too broad and there was not much information I find on Hmong gang violence. Well interviewing gang members is not the problem the problem is finding other sources that I can use to back up my points. I end up changing my topic to Hmong New-Year the differences between the New-Year here in Georgia and the ones back in California and other states.

The second topic was more about the tradition and culture of the Hmong people and the New-Year celebration we held every year. In my essay what I try to point out to the people here in Georgia was that the Hmong New-Year here do not have much of the Hmong culture or pride in it since the younger generation here are more Americanized. Also that the tradition of the Hmong people maybe lost for the Hmong here in Georgia since no one practice it anymore. Writing out this essay from experience is the easy part the issue I have is ,like my first topic, finding other sources to back up my points, since the Hmong people are still unknown to the majority of the people in the United States. So the sources I ended up using was YouTube videos posted from Hmong people around the US.

Blog post # 7 Praying for Sheetrock

I been reading Praying for Sheetrock for the pass couple of days now and still dont understand what the story was going to be about. I have not read the prologue or the back of the book I just started on chapter one and from there on. As far as I know this story might be some what about race between the white and the black. The first chapter is confusing because it keep jumping back and forth in time and from one person to another. I talked to a friend of mine and he told me the book was kind of confusing at the beginning but it will be better near the end but I am no where near the end of the book yet, so I will end the post here and go back to reading the book.

I had read more into the book was it was not as bad as i think it was going to be. The chapter that I like is chapter 7 “Shooting a Man in Broad Daylight”. That chapter seem to be the center of all the actions in this point in time. The shooting of Ed brought the Black community together and stand against the White, and it was also the first time they ignore Top Poppel. This chapter was also the starting point for later on events in the book it set up the stage for many of the people to stand for themselves.

Blog # 5 Free Write

When I went back to visit Home 2 years ago

When I went back to visit Home 2 years ago

If I can go anywhere in the world I would like to go home, back to CA. All my family and friends are there having fun while I am here with nothing to do since i don’t know the place well. I have friends here too but its not the same. My friends back home grew up with me and we went through the ups and downs, thick and thin together. What I mean is we all know each others like brothers. I been away for almost 3 years now and for all 3 years all i can think of is going home and see my mom and dad and everyone else that i had left behind. I want to go back and visit my ex girl friends and see how they are living their life and how much they change in the last 3 years. I want to go see my little brothers and teach them what I have learned and give them advice on how to be awesome like me. If I can go anywhere anytime I would go home back to CA all the time.